Industrial Farmhouse

Only two blocks from Hermosa Beach, this 4,600-square foot industrial farmhouse is the perfect space for coastal entertaining. The industrial vibe echoes throughout the 4-bed, 7-bath (counting halves) space; it’s in the interior and exterior metal paneling, the floor-to-ceiling square-paned windows, the built-in-cabinets, the custom millwork, the steel-framed furniture, the whitewashed brick fireplace and the black-painted railings and trim.

A 4-stop elevator descends all the way to the 950-square foot basement, which includes a tiered home-theater, a temperature-controlled, floor-to-ceiling wine wall, a granite bar, and a steel and concrete custom-made ping pong table. Or you can take the elevator all the way up to the 250-square foot rooftop deck, with a hot tub, gorgeous ocean views, and a wall-sized glass door that opens to a cozy entertaining nook with a fireplace. (This house totals over 640-square feet of deck space.)

Shiny surfaces, such as bathroom walls and kitchen backsplash of marble and porcelain subway tiles, keep the industrial feeling consistent throughout the home. The master bath has a freestanding tub with clean lines and metal-plated claws feet—a contemporary take on a classic.

The common spaces are full of light, the floors are largely engineered hardwood, and much of the furniture is custom. The walls are covered in natural fabrics, including silk and grasscloth, and the interior shades, textures and patterns are inspired by the various moods of the ocean. Overall, the space is a perfect metaphor for the ocean—fun but powerful, beautiful in both expected and unexpected ways.