Spirit of Venice

A few months after moving into this aging 2200 s.f. 3 bedroom 2 1/2 bath Spanish bungalow, a creative couple decided to renovate to better fit their lifestyle.

In phase one, we demo-ed the entire downstairs to create a sunny, open-concept living area with a bar, kitchen, and dining. We also added built-in storage and a powder room, to make the home more functional.

When we finished this space, not only did the rooms flow into each other, but the new interior stucco flowed throughout the house. The stucco curved around corners and the edges of ceilings, forming a seamless fireplace mantle and hood, arched passageways, and hollow storage nooks. Phase two included replacing rotting wooden doors and windows with aluminum windows and new French doors. We installed a bubble-gum pink front door with simple cut-outs that, combined with the sensual stucco, imbued a hint of coastal art deco, a la Miami. We re-stuccoed the home’s exterior and resurfaced the polished concrete roof deck.

Now the former Spanish bungalow is as bright, eclectic, playful, and immediate as Venice Beach itself. Its vibe is part-vintage twee, part California contemporary, with a hint of Mediterranean in the exterior entry tile. But even with these varied influences, the space feels cohesive, clean, and airy. It’s a unique home that radiates the values (health, wellbeing, originality, and good times) of its inhabitants.

2200 s.f. 3 bedroom 2 1/2 bath