Like all great relationships, chemistry is a must. So while you’re deciding if we’re a good fit for you, we’re deciding if you’re a good fit for us. This first call is about mutual curiosity. During our intake call, we learn the scope of your custom home project and how you’re approaching it.

We are a true design-centered team. If you’re solely interested in function, we’re probably not the firm for you. We’re invested in creating something spectacular and timeless. If you share this goal, let’s talk

Before we build your home, we build a relationship.

We learn a lot about you, and you learn a lot about yourself, during our first design meeting.
We’ll show you a curated set of photos and ask for a fast, raw reaction to each image. We don’t care if the reaction is positive or negative—we just want to know what moves you! You can think of this as a Rorschach test. We think of it as a point of departure.

Soon enough, we’re going to get to know you really, really well. We’ll know if smudges on a countertop drive you crazy. (They do? We’ll go with quartz, not marble.) We’ll know how firm you like your pillows. We’ll know how many towels you use after a shower. And you’ll know that you can trust us to design a home beautifully tailored to your lifestyle, because we know you so well.

Design is big picture.

Design is about how you want to feel when you walk into a particular room, and that feeling may be different for every room in your house. Maybe you want to feel inspired in your study, energized in your living room, serene in your bedroom? Design is about compiling the perfect pieces, in the perfect way, to give you the feeling you want, in the place you want it, every single day.

Big pictures come from eloquent details.

Great design is timeless but seems current.

We know the difference between trends and fads. Trends resurge every few years. Fads are one-and-done. If you love a fad, that’s fabulous. We’ll incorporate it into pieces that can be easily changed later—think pillows and curtains, rather than inlaid flooring.

We get the details just right before we begin construction. We know there won’t be last minute design compromises due to a mechanical issue, such as a duct placement, because we keep the process in-house. That means our entire team agrees on the preeminence of design, and we make decisions as a fully integrated unit, deliberately rather than reactively.

Build your dream.

We generate a comprehensive set of construction documents, handle the bidding process, and oversee the exact implementation of those documents. Meanwhile, you are free to relax on the beach and watch the sun set over the Pacific.

Your home is unique. So are we.

Our build expert has a construction background, with a foundation in real estate. But he also has a deep creativity and an intuitive understanding of design.

Our designer studied design, but she also has a journalism background. This means she knows how to ask the right questions to glean the most useful information. She knows how to gather the details and structure them into a cohesive and fascinating story.

Our project manager has a finance background, but he also has a psychology and coaching background. He’s able to assess individual strengths quickly, to accurately position all the players where they will be most efficient.

Just like an expertly designed home, we’re what you see—and we’re more than what you see. As a foundation-to-furniture firm, we’re a single minded, highly effective design-build unit. We’re fully capable of handling all the things—because you don’t want to! But our firm is made up of talented individuals, who bring a diverse range of experiences and valuable, unique-in-this-space collection of skills to the process.

For us, it’s about synergy and superpowers. For you, it’s about sunsets.