White Sands is a fully integrated real estate development company founded in 2008 in Manhattan Beach, California. We have formed a foundation based on extensive, open and friendly communication with both clients and investors, a thorough attention to detail, and an innovative planning and design process. Our technological approach allows us to increase transparency while boosting efficiency within our company. We are committed to successfully implementing our unique, trust-worthy method of project management for every development deal.


We enthusiastically seek projects from banks, landowners, investors, brokers, and home owners based on long-term relationships. Philosophically these would be noncompetitive, non-bidding situation, where we focus on discovering and unraveling the key matters during the due diligence period for our partners. We have a proven underwriting approach for evaluating assets, thus allowing us to quickly create a strategy to help identify the crucial issues and focus on the success factors. This process includes a hands on site analysis, creating extensive financial models, evaluating local markets and trends, interviewing potential end users, and managing a thorough due diligence process.

White Sands has teamed with top producing local market leaders to develop and execute our project’s marketing strategy. This includes competitive pricing, product development, home branding, extensive communication, and a competitive analysis to reach the financial objectives of the project. Our team will manage each project with meticulous financial operations which include a detailed accounting program, a comprehensive budgeting process, and effective and reliable project schedule, careful contract administration procedures, and a formal monthly reporting to investors.

From the initial design to the finished product, White Sands Development adheres to a strict quality and design principle, while at the same time ensuring the most competitive cost structure. The early stages of a projects’ development, our team, will take a strategic and all-inclusive approach to the planning process. Our design principles ensure the eventual plan is both marketable and financially feasible. We relentlessly focus on the value added features and our experience is that an extraordinary design plan is the driving force behind extraordinary financial returns.