What Are the Top Ten Biggest Must-Have Features You’re Dreaming of For Your New Custom Build?

What Are the Top Ten Biggest Must-Have Features You’re Dreaming of For Your New Custom Build? 800 640 White Sands Design/Build
Top ten features for a custom build

For a long while now, you’ve had certain new home features in mind that you know you’ll never get unless you custom-build. They’re unique and precise to your lifestyle. What are they?

Are you planning to build your dream home in Manhattan Beach or Hermosa Beach, Los Angeles County? With endless possibilities, it’s essential to consider the must-have features that will make your custom build exceptional. This blog post will explore the top ten most significant must-have features for your new custom build in these coastal cities. From luxurious amenities to stunning design elements, these features will elevate your dream home to new heights. So, let’s dive in and discover the key elements that will make your custom build a true masterpiece.

One of the biggest reasons to custom-build is that it’s your best shot at getting just the home you want, with the exact rooms, layout, and amenities that best serve you and your family. For some of our clients, that’s a Murphy bed that converts the office to a guest room as needed. Others crave an incredibly energy-efficient living experience, a built-in air filtration system, a home theater, or a home gym. The particular combination of your “dream features” will never be the same as your neighbor’s, but there are some key new home features White Sands Design/Build likes to recommend. 

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1. Create custom pet spaces.

Your pets are family members. Incorporate pet spaces into your custom build that make their—and, more importantly, your—life easier. Maybe you need a built-in dog crate or a pocket dog gate that’s invisible when not in use. Or give your cat her own personal bathroom with a hidden litter closet with an air filtration system. Are you tired of your dog tracking sand through the house? Put a dog-wash station in the mudroom. Whatever pet problem you have, White Sands Design/Build can probably develop a custom-built solution.

2. Turn your bathroom into a spa.

Want a walk-in shower with multiple jets that transforms into a steam room? Want an in-suite cedar sauna? What about an ice tub to nurse sports injuries or a freestanding tub that comfortably fits two adults? Whatever says “lavish relaxation” to you, a custom design and luxury home build can make that happen.

3. Install integrated lighting throughout the house.

Among our top new home features is integrated lighting. Think bathroom mirrors backlit by LED panels, lighting that disappears under kitchen cabinets, inset fixtures, and recessed baseboard lights. This type of elegant seamlessness solidifies a modern vibe.

4. Custom cabinetry and built-in storage are a must.

Mudrooms with built-in drawers and clothes hangers, built-in bookcases (with backlights!), storage nooks hidden under window seats, banquettes, and staircases, seamless wall panels that open with gentle pressure to reveal deep shelves, refrigerators that meld directly into your cabinets, built-in shelves surrounding your bathtub—if you have a room in your current home that could use more storage, add that storage in your new custom home design-build project.

5. Speaking of storage, incorporate thoughtful wine storage into your new home.

How you store your wine is important. We’ve built walk-in wine cellars, bars with temperature-controlled, seamless wine cabinets, wine nooks above dining areas, and wine coolers hidden behind custom cabinetry in kitchen islands.

6. We highly suggest having an outdoor living area as one of the top features of a new custom luxury southern California Beach home.

Usually, White Sands Design/Build puts the outdoor living room on a top level to capitalize on those ocean views, and often, we incorporate a wall-sized pocket-glass door that separates it from the indoor living room for the same reason. We’ve incorporated pass-through windows so that people can pass dishes from the inside kitchen to the outdoor grill without having to walk around, as well as bar seating that allows people to share a meal with both indoor and outdoor seating at the same table. Lounge furniture, a grill or full outdoor kitchen, and a fire pit are necessities.

7. Install a wireless, whole-house audio system.

Homes are multi-sensory places, even though we’re often very focused on sight while in the early design phase. But the moment you have your first family movie night in your cozy new living area, you realize how important great acoustics are. Suppose you invest in a whole home audio system early into construction. In that case, surround-sound speakers can be invisibly incorporated into your cabinetry, walls, and ceiling, providing you with theater-style entertainment experiences and outdoor music—all controlled by your smartphone.

8. We need all the outlets in all the right places.

Many new home features are wireless these days, but even those wireless appliances often have to charge using an old-fashioned wall outlet. And many more home appliances are still tethered to a cord, or at least, the more powerful versions of these appliances are. (Have you ever used a cordless blender?)

When custom-building, you can hide outlets everywhere—under kitchen cabinets and counters, inside bathroom drawers, and on the inside panel of your custom-built desk. Install a 240V outlet in your garage to charge the electric car you’ll likely be buying in the future if you haven’t already.

9. Hyper-organize your kitchen.

There are many options here: sponge drawers, plate drawers, pull-out butcher blocks, larder cupboards with built-in drawers, and spice racks! Kitchens are fun to design, they can be made super-efficient, and they’re one of the best places to spend your budget in terms of overall home and resell value.

10. Great closets and Custom Built-ins will change your life.

Roomy, well-organized closets with Custom Built-ins, separate spaces for shoes and other accessories, built-in drawers and shelves, and multiple clothing racks can improve your day. Sometimes small luxuries make a big difference, like not having to riffle through an overcrowded rack looking for a specific pair of pants when you’re already late. White Sands Design/Build in El Segundo, California, has designed walk-in closets with full-length mirrors, sit-down vanities, and whole-wall closets hidden behind custom cabinetry. It all depends on your space and preferences.

These are some of our ideas for new Luxury Home Construction features you may want to incorporate into your custom build, but we’re also very eager to hear your ideas. Please get in touch and let us know what you’re thinking. We’d love to collaborate with you on your dream home.

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